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The Colony

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Three Families. Three Histories. Three Destinies.

THE COLONY is a drama set against Africa’s majestic savannah. It is a journey of three families, whose vivid characters and intricate lives are woven together in a rich tapestry stretching from the Indian Ocean to the plains of the Great Rift Valley. The families navigate a world of harmony and progress that is laced with segregation, fear and inequity. Characters become entangled in dangerous encounters that puncture the oppressive layering; the hunter, the trader and the hunter-gatherer. In this raw frontier, the families must choose to hide from it, harmonise with it or exploit it.

THE COLONY tells the story of three families who grapple with love and loss, fear and hope, greed and envy, within the crucible of an ever-changing political and cultural landscape of British East Africa.

THE COLONY is based on the ancestry, heritage and oral history of the series creators. For the first time this relevant story is being told from the inside out.

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