tv series / action-thriller

Blue gold

‘The Final Scramble For Africa’

After the brutal murder of her father, Iman reluctantly assumes control of her familyʼs empire. Following an attempt on her life, Iman discovers she has inherited a deeply corrupt organization, a global syndicate trafficking arms and Coltan.

Iman is forced to confront Jay, a ruthless tech mogul who thirsts for control of her empire, just as Mia Lin, an insidious adversary emerges from the Far East. Iman finds unlikely allies in KC, a mercurial mercenary and Florian, a shrewd, secretive baron of black-market Coltan.

As the clouds gather, Iman finds herself in the eye of a Machiavellian storm, but one of her own making. Iman is not the victim but the orchestrator of the chaos around her.

(The Usual Suspects meets Blood Diamond)

Creators & Writers

Hus Kurji, Salim Keshavjee


One hour drama


10 Episodes x 60'


Co-viewing 16+