tv series / action-thriller

Blue gold

Control Coltan, Control the World.
The Final Scramble For Africa

After the sudden death of her father, Iman, a magnetic MIT student from Africa reluctantly assumes control of her father’s conglomerate.

Iman discovers that she has inherited a deeply corrupt empire, a global crime syndicate bartering in conflict-minerals, weapons, and drugs stretching the breadth and width of the globe to supply you with the cell phone in your pocket.

She is forced to confront a ruthless tech-mogul’s thirst for control and the insidious adversary from the Far East. Iman finds unlikely allies in TJ, a selfish mercenary and Florian, a flamboyant broker of illegal Coltan.

Iman finds herself in the eye of a Machiavellian storm.

Creators & Writers

Hus Kurji, Salim Keshavjee


One hour drama


10 Episodes x 60'


Co-viewing 16+